We have been at the forefront of the competition, even in our early days in the oil and gas industry. We have consistently proven ourselves, ready to cope with the increasing demand for support services.

As a major supplier actively involved in current and upcoming projects, we forged our foundation in providing upstream and downstream services. To date, we have supplied numerous critical oil and gas applications to petrochemical plants. These applications are of the highest quality and reliability, often operating unencumbered, even in the most demanding of conditions. We have acquired and owned a diversity of facilities to support our clients; we also work with foreign principal partners in licensing exclusive products from around the world.

Our company was set up to focus on the oil and gas industry in Peninsular Malaysia and beyond. We consider ourselves a fully reliant one stop shop to service our clients in the continuous growth of the local oil and gas industry.

We offer the following products & services:


• Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves and Butterfly
• Instrumentation Valves and Double Block & Bleed Valves
• Severe Service Control Valves and Choke Valves
• Subsea Valves
• Valve Interlocking Systems


• Centrifugal Pumps (API 610)
• Submersible Motors & Pumps (Sea Water Lift and Service Water Pumps)
• Canned Motor Pumps (API 610) and Rotary Gear Pumps (API 676)
• Chemical Injection Pumps (API 674)
• Compressor Pumps

Pipes & Fittings

Supply full range of Carbon and Alloy pipe and components in a variety of material offerings including:

• Chrome Moly
• Low Temperature
• Stainless
• Nickel Alloy
• Seamless
• Heavy Wall
• Flange Protectors
• Induction Hardened Pipe
• High-Yield X Grades
• But Weld Fittings
• Flanges
• Pressure Fittings
• Closures
• Abrasive Resistant (Slurry) Pipe
• Instrumentation Tubing and Fittings
• Caps, Plugs and thread Protectors
• Tubing, Tool Joint and Casing Protectors

Engineering, Design, Fabrication & Commissioning of Pump Skids
and Process Skids




Hyundai Welding Products:
SMAW Stick Electrodes
SAW Wire/Flux Combination
GMAW Solid Wire & Stainless Mig Wire
GTAW Tig Rod
FCAW Flux Cored Wire
Welding Machines and Equipment


Widely using in a field of machinery, electronic, metalogy, accessories, etc, and especially imperative brazing alloys for both ferrous and non-ferrous. According to brazing operation and materials, composition of brazing alloys must be controlled for suitable selection.

Copper Phospours Filler metals are used to braze copper to copper, copper to brass and other copper alloys each other. The Phospours Content in these alloys them self-fluxing and protect oxdization and therefore, no need to use brazing flux on copper to copper. When brazxe copper to brass or bronze, suitable fluxes are required(Not recommended for brazing of steel or other ferrous metals). Moreover, brazing conditions such as fluidity and wetability can be improved by control of silver contents.


KOBE STEEL produces reciprocating, centrifugal, oil-free and oil-injected screw compressor and has delivered more than 1500 sets of oil-free screw compressors in process gas applications since 1955. KOBELCO Oil-free Screw Compressors bring benefit to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, steel making industries, general chemical plants and the energy industry.

KOBELCO Oil-free Screw Compressors handle almost all gases in the following major applications:

• Styrene Monomer Off-gas/Vent Gas : Polymer Forming & Water Injected
• Butadiene Recycle Gas : Polymer Forming
• Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Recycle Gas : Large Capacity, Low Molecular Weight & Variation in Gas Analysis
• HDPE (C4 Hydrocarbons) : Powder-Containing
• Propylene : Foreign Matter Containing
• Hydrogen Mixtures in Various Petrochemical Plants : Low Molecular Weight Gas

Oil Refineries
• Refinery Off Gas (Flare Gas, Vent Gas, Waste Gas)
Recovery : Fluctuation in Gas Analysis & Flow Rate, Corrosive due to H 2s or chlorides

General Chemicals
•Lime Kiln Gas in Soda Ash Plant
•Phosgene, Cl 2 for TDI/MDI Plants
•Vinyl Chloride Gas
•Carbon Monoxide Gas
•Polysilicon Vent Gas

Energy Industry
•Coke Oven Gas
•Steel Plant Furnace Gases (Blast Furnace, Electric Furnace, Direct Reduction Furnace, LDG etc.)
•Fuel Gas for Gas Turbines or Furnaces (Combined with KOBELCO Oil-injected Screw Compressor)
•Accetylene Containing Gas

Oil & Gas
•Offshore Vapor Recovery: Fluctuation in Gas Analysis, Inlet Pressure and Flow Rate
•Gas Processing for Gas Gathering

•Natural Gas, Ethylene, Hydrocarbons, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Vacuum Pump, Steam


Dscaff SAS Systems

SAS (Shoring Access and Staging)
Dscaff is very proud to announce the development of SAS, a new enhanced round Modular Ring Scaffolding System, providing working capacities never seen before in the modular scaffolding system arena. Our ability to reach well in excess of 60 mtrs/180 feet structures without the need to strengthen up the supporting legs is impressive but at the same time we can offer multiple access decks within the structure (At 64 mtrs/209 feet SAS can offer 32 levels fully planks with hop up brackets on all 32 levels, also incorporating 1 level with a Heavy Duty rating of 675kgs/1488 pounds per bay (capabilities listed are based on (AS/NZ and EN) standard. This will save time improving labour efficiencies and consequently save you the client money by keeping and most likely improving on your project schedule.

SAS boasts many unique design features such as, forged rings, forged wedges, ultra high tensile steels to name a few. When it comes to Shoring requirements SAS provides the right mix of exceptional capability with integrated safe access.

The backbone of the system is found within the material properties. By utilising high grade steel tubing we can not only provide high strength but also keep the weight of the system components much lighter compared to other systems. This weight reduction can be as much as 20% in some cases. Dscaff’s SAS is manufactured in Malaysia across our two factories, Klang and BatuPahat to ensure total quality control pertaining to every aspect of the production.

Dscaff SAS Sytems provides:
• Strongest Scaffold System
• Direct Manufacturer
• Quality Engineered
• Made in Malaysia
• Highest Standard

Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes & Fittings

ZheJiang YongLi Steel Co., Ltd.

ZheJiang Yongli Steel Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production of stainless steel bar, blank pipe, seamless steel pipe production enterprises.

The company advanced production equipment and testing equipment: where forging production line 2; 150mm, 400mm horizontal perforation production lines; 8 inch -18 inch drawing machine production line 10; a type of cold-rolled flat-LG280 machine production lines imported from Germany direct reading spectrometer, portable spectrometer, universal testing machine, intergranular corrosion test equipment, Brinell hardness, optical microscopy, mechanical testing, impact testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, water pressure testing and other equipment.

Establishment of a complete stainless steel bar, stainless steel short age pipe, stainless steel seamless pipe inspection and testing , chemical analysis of one-stop production line, is one of the domestic industry production equipment, testing equipment, the most complete units.

  • Main Executive Standard : GB / T14976-2012, GB13296-2007 / 2013, GB9948-2006, GB5310-2008, GB / T21833-2008, YB / T2008-2007
  • Main varieties: the material is304,304L, 304H, 321,321H, 316,316H, 317,317H, 310S, 347Hstainless steel round bar , specifications for Φ150-Φ500;shortageof stainless steel pipe, specifications for Φ114-Φ600;seamlessstainless steel pipe, specifications for Φ45-Φ711,
  • Special materials and specifications may also negotiate supply of products used in petroleum, chemical, medical equipment, smelting, aerospace, shipbuilding , environmental protection, boilers, pressure vessels, water, electricity and other industries.

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Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes & Fittings

Zhejiang Steady Stainless Steel Pipe & Tube Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Steady Stainless Steel Pipe & Tube Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel seamless pipes & tubes.These stainless steel pipe & tube products are produced as per specification of GB, ASTM/ASME, EN, DIN, JIS, GOST.

Available grades includes 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321 the common 5 grades, and also special grades like 310S, 347H, 317L, S31803/S32205, S32750/S32760, 904L etc. These stainless steel pipes & tubes are mainly used for industries like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power Generation,Paper & Pulp, Ship Building, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers etc.

The Company has equipped advanced lines of stainless steel pipe production, and testing lines of Eddy Current,Ultrasonic, Hydrostatic, and a testing center for mechanical and chemical tests. We have strict quality management system, obtained ISO9001:2008 approval, Special Equipment Manufacture License, and EuropeanPED approval.

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Stainless Steel Pipes, Tubes& Fittings

Zhejiang Dewei Stainless Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Dewei Stainless Steel Pipe Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer which producing of large, medium and small diameter stainless steel welded pipe and stainless steel fittings. The standards are according to ASTM, JIS, DIN, GB/T 12771-2008etc.

Dewei can provide high quality products and best services for the International Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Paper Making, Shipbuilding, Food, Nuclear Power, Military Industry, Machinery and other industries. The main materials are:

  • Austenitic SUS321(06Cr18Ni11Ti)
  • SUS304(06Cr19Ni10)
  • SUS304I(022Cr19Ni10)
  • SUS316L(022Cr17Ni12Mo2)
  • SUS310S(06Cr25Ni20)
  • Duplex Ferritic Austenitic Stainless steel

The company imported equipment from Germany of welding and double forming plasma welder, welding process performance is a national leader in the local industry, it can be both inside and outside polishing, pickling, annealing, uniform wall thickness, high precision and good surface. Technical parameter is better than stainless steel seamless pipe. Stainless steel welded pipe can be divided into the single and circumferential seams and double longitudinal seam: single slit( Φ10-Φ508 ), wall thickness from 0.5 mm to 40 mm; girth or double longitudinal seam( Φ508-Φ3000 ), wall thickness from 4 mm to 50 mm.

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